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A beginner’s guide to RFID isolation solutions

How Brightsandz® RFID isolation solutions are empowering retailers manage their inventories, track assets and provide better customer experiences.

Is 5G a threat to airline safety?

Is 5G a threat to Airline safety? Here are the key facts.

Key 5G health effects on human body

So, what are the key 5G health effects on human body? What is the 5G impact on health? Is 5G bad for health? What are the harmful effects of 5g?

Should i sleep with my phone next to me?

Why should you avoid sleeping with your phone next to you at all costs?

Safe distance for homes from high tension electrical lines

What is the safe distance for homes from high tension electrical lines? How close is too close when living near transmission power lines? How far away from power lines is safe to live? Why should you worry about the high tension electrical lines near your home?

Svanah anti radiation pregnancy belly band – Protect unborn babies from Radiation

Anti radiation pregnancy belly band is a maternity essential. It is worn on the belly bump. It protects the baby inside from high exposure to radiation from multiple sources. Therefore, it provides a secure and safe environment for your baby in the initial growth stage.
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