Radiation shielding paints

Carbon based conductive paints that block RF electromagnetic fields and LF electrical fields. These paints are water soluble in nature and can be applied to a surface easily using a paint roller brush. Available in 1lt and 5lt SKUs. We also execute end to end projects for application of paints. We suggest Primer, Carbon Concentrate, Conducting elements as necessary options.

Key features include:


Radiation shielding window films

High performance evaporated metal films with coating of precious metals and special adhesives that can be readily applied on glass surfaces to arrest RF electromagnetic fields. Very high on transparency and partially heat reducing. All films are tested and certified by Government of India / European laboratory. Our EMF films do not require grounding.

Anti-radiation Meshes & Fleeces

Meshes (Carbon and non-Carbon) and Fleeces are known for excellent versatility, extreme high corrosion resistance and great value-for-money proposition. These are used for RF (Telecommunications) and EF (Electric field) shielding. We recommend these shielding cores for applications on drywall construction, floor, wall, ceiling and façade shielding applications. 


Radiation shielding fabric

Brightsandz provides an aggregation of globally unique and
patented high-tech textiles from the best anti-radiation fabric OEMs globally. The base of the fabrics are organic cotton or polyesters combined with an ultra-thin mono/poly-filament made of Silver or Copper or Nickel-Steel. All fabrics are 5G safe and are certified by various accredited laboratories.

Magnetic field shielding core

Uncontrolled magnetic fields have adverse effects on precision electrical/ electronic systems. Our magnetic shielding solutions include MuMetal, MetGlas and Grain Oriented Steels. These speciality alloys exhibit very high magnetic permeability which is used to direct ambient Magnetic flux in an area away from it such that the resultant Magnetic value in the area reduces.

MuMetal Magnetic shielding core by Brightsandz
RFID isolation solutions by Brightsandz

RFID shielding solutions

Brightsandz® RFID solutions include a 1mm thin substrate layer that is highly effective at restricting RFID transmission, cross-talk and back-scatter, helping retailers isolate store sections from systemic errors. Our RFID solutions allows retailers to maximize the effectiveness of ERP, inventory, and warehousing management by preventing RFID transmission from penetrating the walls and doors. It also saves on time and automation of customer processes and operations. 

Project Execution

Brightsandz is a one stop solution for all EMF shielding solutions and procedures. We provide a single window for execution and on-time hassle free installation process. We have competence across various types of shielding and wide range of frequencies. We collaborate with leading OEMs for best-in-class shielding solutions.


Our solution expertise includes RF/ ELF premise audits/shielding, 4G/ 5G technology solutions, RFID laboratory/ isolation solutions, power line immunity, scenario modelling and data centre equipment immunity among others.

Unmatched quality

We provide best quality results at optimal costs and minimal execution times. With over 2.8 million square feet shielding experience, our executives deliver unmatched quality and performance.

Premise certification

You have an option to get an international certification from National Physical Laboratory (NPL-CSIR), the apex physical laboratory for Government of India, for EMF safety of your premises.

Our OEM partners

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