Evaluate Your Premises Radiation

We live in a hyper connected world – the number of electronic devices outnumber the human population many fold leading to an alarming increase in the electromagnetic fields and radiation. Premise Radiation Audit helps assess the source/ sources of radiation around you to help ascertain the best course to mitigate the risk.


Did you know that RF and ELF radiation are identified as possible Carcinogenic agents by World health Organization (WHO) and International agency for research on Cancer (IARC)?

RF (Wireless) Radiation audit

Mobile phones and cell towers are the most visible sources of Radio Frequency Radiation. Other sources include WiFi and other wireless enabled devices. Brightsandz provides full spectrum (30MHz-6GHz) RF audits.


Data Centre EMF Compliance audit

Computing infrastructure in Data centres can be compromised by high magnetic fields (ELF). This could cause service disruption. Brightsandz does Data centre ELF audits that help identify this critical problem.

Powerline immunity

Risks from exposure to overhead high tension electrical cables is a known phenomenon. Brightsandz does field ELF audits relevant to various action levels and compliance parameters to identify such risks and hazards.


ISO 45001 (Radiation) audit

ISO 45001 radiation audits are designed to help organizations and industries to quantify EMF radiation risks at work place and foster safe working environment for all employees in the organization.

5G Premise Radiation audits

We provide comprehensive audits across all the 5G frequency bands - 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100MHz, 2500MHz and 3300MHz. Exercising precaution is always better.


Premise ELF Radiation audit

All current carrying conductors have residual Magnetic and Electric fields (ELF radiation). WHO recognizes ELF radiation as a Carcinogen. Our premise ELF audit helps indentify ELF radiation risks at home and at work places.

Audits we offer


ISO Audits

Radiation audits, consultancy, solutioning and shielding for occupational health and safety management systems.


Power Line Immunity

Accessing impact of electric and magnetic fields from high power transmission lines on different subjects.


Magnetic Interference

Evaluate ambient magnetic field and interference effects on data and computing infrastructure.


Heat Maps

2 dimensional array maps to visualize exposure risks from different sources of radiation.

What sets us apart

Reliability and Excellence

All our devices, products and solutions are calibrated and certified by accredited labs in India and Europe for shield- ing effectiveness. We provide state of the art software based scenario simulation.

Technology Partnerships

We have project-based technology partnerships with National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IIS) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) for solution and delivery research and innovation.

Best in Class Solutions

We have business collaborations with YShield (Germany), Swiss Shield (Switzerland), Hitachi Materials Magic and Amradield/ China Shielding (China) for the widest range of best-in-class EMF shielding solutions.

Compliance standards that we follow

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