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Rise of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is a key new age polluting element in earth’s environment. The multiplicity of electronics and gadgetry in our homes – Cellphones, WiFis, Smart TV, Laptops, Electric generators, invertors, power units, stabilizers – are all associated with EMF and RF radiation, which have also been declared as a Cancer-causing agent by World Health Organization in 2007 and 2011. Brightsandz CleanTech deals in premise radiation audits, shielding solutions and products to create healthy and EMF free life and work spaces.

Wireless Radiation

Mobile phones and cell towers are the most visible sources of Radio Frequency Radiation. Other sources of RF Radiation include WiFi and other wireless enabled devices

Appliance Radiation

Any appliance/ device that works on electricity produces an Electro-magnetic field (EMF). Prolonged exposure to a complex mix of magnetic fields, both at home and at work makes you more susceptible to health risks

Radiation from Electrical Sources

Risks from exposure to overhead high tension electrical cables is a known phenomenon. Extreme low frequency (ELF) radiation results from electrical current in old / faulty electrical wirings in your home or workplace

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Should i sleep with my phone next to me?

Sleeping with your phone beside you is one of the most understated health risks. Why should you not be sleeping with your phone beside you?


Yes. EMF Radiation has been declared as a Cancer causing agent by World Health Organization in 2011

Cellphones, WiFis, Smart TV, Laptops, Electric generators, invertors, power units, stabilizers are the most common sources of EMF Radiation

Radiation audit is a risk assessment exercise that helps identify exposure risks from EMF / EMR in your home or work place

A developing fetus is the most vulnerable to the effects of radiation exposure. Therefore, women in pregnancy are also at high risk – exposure to electromagnetic fields in uterus is correlated with health problems such as ADHD, emotional problems, asthma, obesity and possibly Autism Spectrum Disorders in the offspring.