Should i sleep with my phone next to me?

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Should i sleep with my phone next to me?

“We are all just prisoners here of our own device” – Eagles Hotel California

Our phones are the magical portals through space and time – and we all love them. We carry them on ourselves most of the time. Many people who we meet through our course of work ask us – Should i sleep with my phone next to me? Here’s a list of Google prompts when you search around the topic. This article is to answer questions like these and many others about sleeping with the phone.

Should i sleep with my phone next to me?
Should i sleep with my phone next to me? The prompts in Google search.

Should i sleep with my phone next to me?

If you are looking for a 1 word answer to this question. It is NO! If you have been sleeping with your phone, STOP SLEEPING WITH YOUR PHONE NOW! Your mobile phone is a pulsed microwave emitter. It connects to a network of mobile phone towers by periodically sending signals to this network – even when you are not actively using it. Most importantly, you do not need to expose yourself to this radiation when you are sleeping.

What are the risks?

Sleep is biological process of body rest and repair.

Sleeping is the time when your body is resting. It is also the time, when your body is undergoing series of repair operations. In course of your sleep, your body is healing itself from the wear and tear of the day. The body synthesizes Melatonin which is responsible for repair and rejuvenation of the body. That is why we sleep in the first place – for repair to happen so that we wake up fresh and rejuvenated. When you are sleeping with your phone next to you or your head, you are absorbing a lot of these microwave emissions from your phone. This in turn impedes or reduces production of Melatonin. The body does not recover from the stresses and tensions of the day.

Therefore, constant exposure to radiation from the mobile phone is known to cause

  1. Insomnia (Lack of sleep), Listlessness and fatigue during the day
  2. Weight gain, lower mental faculties in children
  3. Headache and migraines due to lack of sleep

So how do you address the problem

Do not sleep with your phone – isn’t that a simple intuitive answer. Also, ask others who you see sleeping with their phones, to stop doing so! There are those of us, who want to binge watch Netflix or listen to music or just text friends before sleep. It is important that they keep the phone away – at least at 5 feet distance before they pop of to sleep. Adding distance between your self and your phone helps.

A good sleep is a matter of discipline. For the sake of your health, if not anything else. We would advise you to please fix your hours of sleep and at that hour of sleep, to put away the cellphone. It is a matter of discipline.

Other sidelines of cellphones and sleep

  1. You can sleep with your phone in your bedroom but only if you keep it atleast 5 feet away from the bed.
  2. YOU SHOULD NOT SLEEP WITH THE CELLPHONE UNDER YOUR PILLOW. There are cases of Cellphones batteries blasting due to heat and excess radiation.
Should i sleep with my phone next to me?
Why should you not sleep with your phone under your pillow

I sleep with my phone as my alarm clock. How do i address the problem?

  1. Buy an alarm clock. (seriously)
  2. If you have to use the phone as your alarm clock, put it in the airplane mode.
  3. Can i sleep with my phone on airplane mode? YES
  4. Can i sleep with my phone next to me on airplane mode? PREFERABLY NOT
  5. Can i sleep with my phone under my pillow on airplane mode? NO


Your phone is your best companion – your best friend – or so, if you insist. But, you should never sleep with your phone next to you on your bed. NEVER!

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