Why do you need a Premise Radiation Audit?

Evaluate your premises radiation.

We live in a hyper connected world – the number of electronic devices outnumber the human population many fold leading to an alarming increase in the electromagnetic fields and radiation. Premise Radiation Audit helps assess the source/ sources of radiation around you to help ascertain the best course to mitigate the risk.

Process Transparency

We involve you and include you in Premise Radiation Audit. After all you should be best informed about the risks to you, your family, your home and office and your society.

Comprehensive Analysis

We follow a 360-degree approach using state of art devices, auditing all forms of EMF radiation in your premise coupled up with sleep position analysis.

Spreading Awareness

Awareness – the first and most critical defense in this case. We offer precautionarily advice and suggest combination of lifestyle changes as part of precautions

Assess EMR / EMF risks at your home

Evaluate your radiation exposure

Compliance Parameters

Standards that we follow

In May 2011, World Health Organization declared electro-magnetic radiation (EMF) to be cancer causing to humans. Brightsandz follows Bio-Initiative as it is 100000X more stringent than ICNIRP standards and considers biological effects on human body resulting in long term health risks.

Indian government follows ICNIRP standards which were revised in 2007. Industry, Governments, Telecom lobby etc. root for ICNIRP report because it gives a lot of leeway for them. Public health experts / citizen forums advocate for Bio-Initiative report because it considers biological effects for longer exposure periods. The various standards followed across are briefly explained below.


Legislated by British Parliament in 2016, control of EMF radiation at workplace is the first ruling that sets in EMF compliance at workplace.


EMR – The ICNIRP standard revised in 2007 set the threshold of radiation risk to humans at 9.2W/sq.m. Public Health experts believe that this standard is not adequate against long term health damages


The Environmental protection agency (USA), sets 2.5 mG (milli-Gauss) as the threshold of electro-magnetic field radiation (EMF i.e. Electrical and device radiation) for long-term human exposure.


ICNIRP follows a regressive standard with high threshold value of 100mG. This is adopted across most countries as it is pro industry and gives a lot of leeway in terms of compliances.

Bio-Initiative EMR

Bio-initiative report standard sets a very stringent threshold to EMR exposure limit value (ELV) for humans. It limits radiation exposure to .001 W/ sq.m outdoor ELV and .0001 W/ sq.m indoor ELV.

Bio-Initiative EMF

Bio-Initiative standard is based on good public health principles and considers biological and health effects of electro-magnetic fields and hence limits EMF Exposure limit value (ELV) at 2mG

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