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Why is the Armor Laptop Radiation Shield a must for people using laptops

99.5% Laptop Radiation Shielding?? Its the Armor’!

Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield: The video test.

The Adverse Environmental Effects of EMF radiation

We know about pollution, we realize how we are misusing the natural resources available to us, but what do we do about it? Today on World Environment Day, lets take a look on how pollution created by us is depleting our resources and adding to that is the recent most EMF and RF pollutants which…

Who all are vulnerable to EMF Radiation?

High EMF exposures are known to cause different health conditions and ailments for humans and biological systems. But what about computers, cloud and computing systems? Are they EMF outage proof?

Wireless Radiation – Heading towards an epidemic?

In May 2011, world health organization (WHO) and international agency for research on cancer (IARC) categorized wireless radiation / EMF radiation as a possible cancer causing agent (Carcinogen).

What is a Radiation premise audit? How it works?

Where you choose to live, there will always be exposure to electromagnetic radiation and fields from some source or the other. Brightsandz EMF radiation audit helps you assess the levels of EMF/RF exposures.
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