The Adverse Environmental Effects of EMF radiation

Tell me, Little sparrow. Tell me, What do you see?

I see a concrete canyon without a single tree,

And it goes winding on for ever where once proud rivers ran,

Oh I hope that I can find one truly happy man.

Tell me, Little sparrow. Tell me, What do you see?

I see a concrete canyon without a single tree,

And it goes winding on for ever where once proud rivers ran,

Oh I hope that I can find one truly happy man.

Today, the 5th of June is when we celebrate the World Environment Day. But, it seems like all of this is in vain. Half a century has gone by of all this awareness about environment,forests,oceans and species. Yet this has done little to break the descent into despair and gloom. Sample this in terms of what we have done to our environment.

The age of environment apocalypse

The degree of brutality is unprecedented on all scales and yet the joke is here and is on us. Furthermore, there is no relevant abatement to the rapid increase in resource consumption and destruction leading to various forms of pollution. Consequently, the ecological deficit and destruction of environment is the biggest threat mankind has faced over its 12-14 million years of existence. Therefore, in conclusion, the wanton debilitation and destruction of natural capital means that in 2-3 generations time – we will not have a living planet that we will bequeath to our children.

The 4th environment pollutant

We have scorched our skies, soiled our water and lay our soil barren and nude. Furthermore adding to the list of pollutants  is the addition of EMF radiation. At present time, the greatest polluting element in the Earth’s environment is the proliferation of Electro-Magnetic fields. It is the most significant form of pollution that human activity is producing currently. The adverse environmental effects of EMF radiation are not well researched upon or understood in the current context. Moreover the scientific community is not fully at consonance on the effects paradigm.

See the multiplicity of electronics and gadgetry at our homes, work places and around us . Cellphones, WiFis, Smart TV, laptops, electric generators, invertors, power units, stabilizers etc. are all associated with radio frequency radiations. These radiations have been declared as a Cancer causing agent (Carcinogenic) by World Health Organization in 2011. EMF exposure has increased by over a million times in 2 generations. Our human bodies have had no time to react and evolve to this health threat. EMF Radiation is a health epidemic we choose to ignore because of the convenience associated with it. The key source of EMF radiation includes wireless communication and electricals/ electronics. Furthermore, the undoing from EMF radiation, now widely considered as the 4th form of pollution and is associated with:

As a society and a generation we need to  be aware of the various risks that we are exposed to in terms of different forms of pollution – Air, water, soil and EMF. It is always the right time to do the right things. Not only for our health but also of the generations to come,  we need to start at least with awareness and then action. After all its only one Earth, and we do not inherit it from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children.

We at Brightsandz are a small team of passionate people working towards helping people to get to know how EMF and RF radiation poses a threat to our health and the Environment. Moreover, we help assessing it using the right techniques and also provide appropriate  shielding methods  to prevent them from the harmful effects of the radiation exposure. For the famous saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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  • Bhumi Nandgaonkar

    It is a terrible shame that we are unmindful of this epidemic. In fact, if anything, we seem to be adding to the devices which cause radiation even while cases of unhealthy impact are surfacing more and more. You are doing a good job of raising awareness. Keep it up please!

  • Rajan Ray Chowdhury

    Good service.
    Expert advice.
    Slightly costly.

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