99.5% Laptop Radiation Shielding?? Its the Armor’!

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Why is the Armor Laptop Radiation Shield a must for people using laptops

Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield: The video test.

The Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield is one of its kind product that actively shields against all harmful EMF from the underside of a laptop. The EMF levels from a laptop are as high as 10X-100X the human exposure limits defined by FCC, USA. Most of us would be working long hours on the laptop on a daily basis. Furthermore, all of this EMF is concentrated at lower abdomen considering that you sit with the laptop on your thighs. This problem increases with the age of the laptop. The older the laptop, the higher its radiation is likely to be.

Testifying the shielding efficacy – Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield

We have shot a 3 minute video and would like to share it with you. We used a Dell Laptop for this test and used a EMF meter to do the measurements. The results would surprisingly good. The Armor’ provides shielding from 65 microTesla levels to .3 MicroTesla. Therefore it provides us 99.54% EMF shielding in this experiment. Correspondingly, this testifies the shielding that the Armor’ provides. If you would want to see the shielding efficacy skip to the 1 minute 53 second mark.

Product features – Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield

The Armor’  is made up of high grade core,which, is able to absorb upto 99.5% radiation from the underside of a laptop. The Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield reduces heat passing through to your body by almost 100%. While the Armor’ shields you from Laptop Radiation it does not interfere with WiFi radiation reception.Therefore the Armor’ provides you unhindered functionality and unparallel safety.

This technology used is FCC approved, and patent pending. The Armor’ comes with lifetime warranty that will never fail you. The Armor’ comes in 2 sizes for 14″ and 15.6″ laptops. Armor’ is available in multiple colour options. It is light, portable and easy to carry in your laptop bag. For airport hoppers, it is airport security friendly.

For business owners, it is an excellent gift to give your employees from an employee health and safety perspective. Not to mention, your employees spend as many as 4-10 hours daily in close proximity to laptops.

In summary

The Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield provides you upto 99.5% radiation shielding, 90% RF and WiFi shielding, 100% heat shielding. In the long run, the assurance and peace of mind is complimentary.

Generally speaking, you should drive your car with the seat belt and your bike with the helmet. In the same way, you should always use the Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield when you are using your laptop.

You can buy one here or purchase it from Amazon.in.


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