EMF radiation shielding paint - YShield HSF54


EMF radiation shielding paint YShield HSF54 Highlights:

5G radiation protection – Proven effectiveness against wide spectrum of 5G radiation

39 – 60 dB (99.99% – 99.9999%) shielding efficacy – Certification by OEM lab.

Comes in 2 sizes – 1litre and 5 litre

1 litre covers 40-80 sq.ft wall area depending upon surface, texture, number of coats etc

VOC under check. Graphene is not used in this product.

Breathable, solvent free, low-emission.

Non toxic, non-carcinogenic and odorless

Multiple coats can be applied for enhanced performance

Best value for money

Used for shielding dry wall constructions, gypsum boards, putty walls.



EMF radiation shielding paint – YShield HSF54 is a liquid substrate electro-conductive coating for the protection against high-frequency (HF) radiation and (or) against low-frequency (LF) electric fields. Typical areas of application are living areas (e. g. bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms), or the protection of whole buildings.

EMF radiation shielding paint YShield HSF54 Specifications:

  • Screening attenuation: One-layer 39 dB (8 m²/l) to 44 dB (4 m²/l), two-layer 51 dB (8 m²/l) to 60 dB (4 m²/l).
  • Coverage: One-layer (8 m²/l), two-layer (4 m²/l).
  • Underground: Interior and exterior. Excellent adhesion on almost all undergrounds like existing emulsion paints, sheetrock, wallpaper, cement, plaster, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Top coating: Preferably covered with plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paints, dispersion silicate paints, facade paints or silicon resin paints. Not applicable are pure mineral paints (clay, loam, chalk, silicate). Due to the high adhesive tensile strength (to ETAG 004 for EIFS-systems, minimum 0.08 N/mm²), applicable directly under pure organic plaster, no mineral pasters!
  • Grounding: Must be grounded! We recommend interior the grounding strap EB2 plus grounding plate GW (GB) plus GP, exterior the fiber additive AF3 plus the grounding plate GE.
    Ingredients: Water, pure acylic dispersion, carbon fibers, carbon black, additives, preservative (MIT, BIT).
  • Technical data: VOC-content: 0.2 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a is 30 g/l from 2010). Sd-value: 0.1 m. Ph-value: 8. Adhesive tensile strength: 4.8 N/mm²

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Black – 1 Litre


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