Anti radiation fabric - Brightsandz ZS33D


5G radiation ready – Proven effectiveness against wide spectrum of 5G radiation

Effective shielding against RF ElectroMagnetic fields from 10MHz to 3GHz.

55dB (99.9995%) shielding efficacy

Comes in 140 cm standard roll width

Very high performance characteristic

Can be used for as wall fabric, dark curtains, specialized shielding use cases, wallet and handbag inserts (for RFID theft protection)



Anti radiation fabric – Brightsandz ZS33D  is very high performance shielding fabric. Brightsandz ZS33D is made of Copper and Nickel fibroids in polyester base material. Metal (Copper and Nickel) Fibroids create a conductive grid that corresponds to the idea of a Faraday cage.

Specifications: Anti radiation fabric – Brightsandz ZS33D

  • ZS33D is a dense polyester fabric which is used in shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF).
  • Typical application as wall shielding, heavy curtain lining, wallet inserts and other specialised use caes.
  • Very high performance.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Attenuation dB-values apply to broad range 800 MHz – 3 GHz.
  • Width: 140 cm +/- 2 cm
  • Length: Available by the meter
  • Color: Golden

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Anti radiation fabric


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