EMF protection fabric - Brightsandz BZK 0.28


5G radiation ready – Proven effectiveness against wide spectrum of 5G radiation

Effective shielding against RF ElectroMagnetic fields from 10MHz to 3GHz.

55dB (99.9995%) shielding efficacy

Comes in 110 cm standard roll width

Very high performance characteristic

Can be used for as wall fabric, specialized shielding use cases and Roman/ Venetian blinds



EMF protection fabric – Brightsandz BZK 0.28 is very high performance shielding thick fabric. Brightsandz BZK 0.28 is made of Copper and Nickel fibroids in polyester base material. Metal (Copper and Nickel) Fibroids create a conductive grid that corresponds to the idea of a Faraday cage.

Specifications: EMF protection fabric – Brightsandz BZK 0.28

  • BZK 0.28 is a thick dense polyester fabric which is used in shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF).
  • Typical application as wall shielding, Roman blinds and other specialised use cases.
  • 75% +/- 5% Polyester, 17% +/- 3% Copper, 8% +/- 3% Nickel
  • Very high performance.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Attenuation dB-values apply to broad range 800 MHz – 3 GHz.
  • Width: 110 cm +/- 2 cm
  • Length: Available by the meter
  • Color: Golden

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Anti radiation fabric


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