What is a Radiation premise audit? How it works?

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Where-ever you live, you will always be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from some source or other. A premise radiation audit is the first step to a safer home.

Brightsandz is committed to delivering cleaner and healthier life to you and people around you. Over the course of our lives and days we are exposed to various degrees and kinds of pollutants and pollution. While our standard of life has improved, our long term exposures to such agents have lead to much lower healthy quality of lives.

Why electromagnetic radiation pollution is a key concern in current scenario?

10 years back, EMF radiation shielding was not a concern. Now with proliferating technology and wireless scope, EMF radiation shielding is emerging as a need. 10 years from now, EMF radiation shielding will be a much larger concern. The current levels of electromagnetic pollution is 1 quintillion times stronger than our body’s threshold.

Wireless devices and electricity based infrastructure are spreading way faster, thereby leading to health consequences from prolonged exposure to such new and unnatural living conditions. The current amount of electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) is 1018 times higher than Earth’s natural electro-magnetic field, in which we have been evolving through thousands of years. (1018 = Quintillion – is represented by 1 followed by 18 zeros, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000!)

We directly address exposure risks from EMF radiation. Risks from EMF radiation are still being debated and the final opinion is far from closure. While, industry funded studies dismiss the subject as no-threat, no-harm – the body of evidence is piling up. Why would WHO go on to list radio-frequency-radiation as a possible carcinogenic in the first place? Especially, if it is as harmless as it is meant out to be?

The first and the foremost aspect of radiation exposure is the measure of it. Are you at a risk from your cell phone? Is the 4G tower an element of risk? Additionally, are you at a higher risk from your home appliances than the cell towers outside? Is the low network a risk to you? A premise radiation audit answers these questions about radiation exposures and threats. It could include your home, office, school, commercial or other premise. The following info-graphic provides a quick look at the assessment/ audit process – how we do it? What we measure? Why we do what we do?

EMF radiation is more than Cell tower radiation

Many other radiation protection firms only assess the premise wireless radiation (RF radiation). It is not about the visible sources of radiation – cell towers – sometimes your domestic appliances or your home wiring could be a greater problem for you. ELF/EMF is radiation from domestic appliances, electrical wiring and other external electrical sources. ELF is extreme low frequency radiation from electrical sources. Wireless radiation audits only give you part picture. Without understanding the full nature of the radiation problem ( Including device EMF and electrical sources ELF), a comprehensive premise radiation profile of your premises will never be possible. Therefore, one needs to do a 360 degree premise radiation audit. Your safety is a primary concern – and there are no half measures in creating your safety net.

RF Radiation audit + ELF radiation audit = 360 degree premise radiation audit

A critical component of Brightsandz radiation audits is the 360 degree approach. While, most of the other audit agencies audit only RF radiation, we audit personal device EMF radiation and ELF radiation from electrical sources and EMF domestic appliances in your premise. We do sleep position analysis. Together these 4 assessments form the core of our assessment process and solutions. Our reports capture the problem, categorize the severity and provide needful solutions to overcome the high risk scenarios.

premise radiation audit
The process of premise radiation audit.

Why is Brightsandz premise radiation audit the best?

We pride ourselves on our competence, transparency, completeness and comprehensive analysis. Therefore, we have very high repeats because of the following reasons –

  1. Pre and post audits – ascertaining premise radiation levels before and after the shielding – to establish shielding efficacy
  2. Use of solutions with shielding certification.
  3. Use of calibrated devices. (For RF and ELF/EMF)
  4. Best in class data, industry analysis and presentation
  5. A range of solutions for RF and ELF shielding
  6. Only company to provide assessments of ELF and EMF.


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