Are cell towers really harmful?

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Are cell towers really harmful?

Brightsandz specializes in RF audits and shielding. In most of the cases, people ask us this question – Are cell towers really harmful? Here’s our 2 cents of understanding on this subject

We demonize the cell towers just because these are the most visible sources of radiation. What about the mini cell tower at our homes? The WiFis. What about the micro towers that we carry on us almost 24 hours daily – our smartphones. As per our understanding, more than 60% of our RF exposures are due to WiFis and our own cellphones. Is that worth worrying about?

To objectively answer this question – Are cell towers really harmful?

  1. If you are about 100/150 metres away from the cell tower – and there is no BTS antenna in your line of sight – then you are safe.
  2. This distance is just a thumb rule. One needs to ascertain ambient radiation levels by a premise radiation audit.
  3. If you are under a cell tower – chances are that you are in the shadow zone and therefore, you are not subject to high ambient radiation.
  4. If there is no cell tower in the vicinity, the cellphone radiation peaks multiple times over.
Are cellphone towers really harmful?
Does a cell tower 150 metre away from you concern you? What about the cell tower in your pocket then?

Here is an example of a cell tower cluster with multiple antennas. It is uncomfortably close to the premise that we assessed. The antennas are in line of sight and within the primary lobe of radiation. Therefore, in this case the premise is under serious threat from this cell phone cluster

Conversely, here are some risks from WiFi and Cellphone radiation

  1. We have seen cell phone emit radiation 20X to 1000X than ambient radiation from the cell tower.
  2. A WiFi in the bedroom can create much higher ambient radiation. This is all the more dangerous, because it is much closer to us.
  3. Cell tower radiation falls with the number of walls between the tower and the subject (you). This leads to Cellphone radiation multiplying in intensity because it is trying all the more hard to reach out to tower signals.

On the balance..

Dont freak out at the sight of a cell phone tower. There are multiple factors such as distance, line of sight, angle between you and the tower, number of walls or obstructions – that need to be considered. A cell phone tower is not necessarily the greatest evil – the cellphone in your pocket is actually a  bigger mischief maker!


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