Do Cellphones cause Cancer?

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Do cell phones cause cancer?

Do Cellphones cause Cancer? Yes, most apparently they do… but it is yet to proven. However, in interest of our own health – no proof of harm, is not proof of no harm.

Introduction – Do Cellphones cause Cancer?

Cellphones are everywhere. Cellphones are the most intimate devices in all history. However, recent studies, indicate that cellphones are associated with cancer. Opinion is divided between people who think cellphones are harmless, and cellphones cause health problems and those who are confused. We try assessing this question for you.

They cause cancer – at least WHO says so!

31st May 2011 – World health organization (WHO) and International agency for research on cancer (IARC) declared cell phone radiation (broadly called RF radiation) as possible cancer causing agent. The operative word is “possible”. There is a difference between possible and definite.  The difference is absence of clear scientific or medical evidence. WHO/ IARC categorize RF radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen. Class 2B carcinogen is a cancer causing agent. However, there is no hard scientific and medical evidence. Interestingly, other class 2B carcinogens include Lead, Sulphur, Welding fumes, Carbon Tar, Mustard Gas etc. Here is the list of all Class 2B carcinogens listed by IARC. Ask yourself – If lead is considered cancer causing and is a Class 2B carcinogen, why are we so forgiving of the radiation from cellphones (RF radiation).

Do Cellphones cause Cancer?

Medical watchdogs warn about it!

February 20th, 2017- All India Institute of Medical Studies (AIIMS), India’s premium medical body, released a report – which associated high use of cellphones with increase in cancer rates. The study concluded that high cell phone usage (1650 hrs/ decade) is associated with a 33% increase in reported rates of brain tumor.

Do Cellphones cause Cancer? Mobile phones and brain tumor risks
For mobile phone use of 10 years or longer, or more than 1640 hours, AIIMS study show 1.33 times increase in risk of brain tumor.

There are medical studies – which mention it!

2011 – Ministry of environment and forests (MoEF), part of Govt of India (GoI) presented a reported to the parliamentary committee. The 11 member fact finding committee included members from Wildlife Institute of India, Deptt of Telecommunications, WWF India, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), IIT New Delhi, Secretary (MoEF). Of the 901 studies reviewed by this committee, 64% studies indicated that EMF/RF radiation have a negative health effect on humans, animals, birds and bees and even plants.

Health effects of EMF / RF radiation on humans, animals, plants and birds - a review of literature results.
901 studies were reviewed for effects of RF and EMF radiation on humans, animals, birds, insects and plants. Of this 64% (roughly two-thirds) concur that EMF/RF radiation has negative health impacts. Additionally, only 13% studies do not associate RF/ EMF radiation with any adverse health effects. Apart from this, 22% studies remain inconclusive of such effects.

Are you cooking your brain, yet?

Do you think you will act more responsibly, if we told you – that your cell phone is a mini microwave oven that you are holding right up there – next to your brain? Cellphones work on the same frequencies and principle – as microwave ovens. While, cellphones may be smaller – but then you hold them right next to your brains.

A thermal image of the human brain with the cellphone held close to the brain for 10 minutes is provided below. Note the spread of yellow and red – which gets worse in infants and kids.

EMF radiation is able to penetrate 3 times more brain tissue in babies as compared to adults
EMF Radiation is able to penetrate 7%% of a child’s brain.In the same simulation, mobile radiation is only able to penetrate 25% of adult brain.

Are mobile devices and networks being selective about the truth?

June 2018: Nokia devices in its shareholder communication said the following.

 “There have been some research results that indicated the possibility that electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile devices and base stations have adverse health effects, such as increasing the risk of cancer.”

Earlier, British Telecom investor’s 2017 annual report, page 47 communication provided the following.

“We can’t provide absolute ­assurance that research in the future won’t establish links between radio frequency emissions and health risks.”

Insurers such as Swiss RE and Lloyds of London classify RF/EMF radiation as a health risk. While, the Swiss RE SONAR report 2014 point towards unforeseen consequences of RF and EMF as a key risk to insurance industry .Lloyds of London excludes coverage for claims caused by exposure to non ionizing EMF radiation (Cell phone radiation) since March 2015.

Do Cellphones case Cancer?

There is lack of hard scientific evidence that answers the question “Do Cellphones cause Cancer?” in a “YES”. We may not have irrevocable and conclusive scientific evidence on this matter. However, “no harm of proof is not proof of no harm”. There is now a slow emergence of studies which indicate health impacts from EMF and RF radiation. On our part, we believe that there is definitely a link between high cell phone usage and health effects there-of. Scientific and medical proof may take time.

Therefore, it is in our best interest to take a precautionary approach.

  1. Use the Cellphone as a accessory, not an obligation. Therefore, do not sleep with your cellphones.
  2. Distance is your best friend against cellphone radiation
  3. Do not carry your phone 24hrs. On the other hand, give yourself some personal time.
  4. Use a hands free/ headphone/ earphone.

Bottomline : More scientific evidence is required before we can say definitely that Cellphones cause cancer. However, this does not translate into “safe”. Therefore, caution should be exercised. The link between Cellphone radiation and Cancer may not be proven, but there is no case to rule out this association as well.


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