7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation

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7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation

Would you think differently, if you knew that your cellphone is a miniature microwave oven? Here are 7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation.

Your smartphone is a miniature microwave oven. Microwave ovens generate concentrated microwave radiation. This is used to heat food. A smartphone also uses microwave radiation. This allows the smartphone to communicate with cell towers.

How many hours in a day do you use your smartphone for voice and data? How many hours do you talk on phone daily? Has it occurred to you that you are holding a mini microwave oven to the side of your head every time you speak on the phone? Did you know that microwave radiation induces heating effects on body tissues?

Key risk from microwave radiation is brain tumor

Cellphone microwave radiation is  also called RF radiation. RF radiation is recognized by IARC and WHO as a cancer causing agent.

Do cell phones cause cancer?
IARC classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans

Interphone (2010) studies mention talking on a cellphone, for more than 45 minutes in a day, can lead to a 33% increase in brain tumor rates. AIIMS (2017) studies also mention 33% increase in brain tumor rates, for people using cellphones more than 45 minutes daily.

Mobile phones and brain tumor risks - 7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation
For mobile phone use of 10 years or longer, or more than 1640 hours, AIIMS study show 1.33 times increase in risk of brain tumor.

7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation – things not to do

Our cellphones are a part of our lives. We cannot wish or force them away from us. However, we need to be cautious about using them. Here are a few lifestyle changes that can be easily implemented in our lives. Moreover, these small habits will help us reduce our cellphone RF exposures substantially.

  1. Do not sleep with your cellphone.

    Our body defenses are weakest when we are sleeping. Biological repair process happen during sleep. Wireless radiation from cellphones (placed near the bed) and WiFi routers disrupt biological repair. RF radiation is also known to cause Insomnia.

  2. Do not carry your cellphone in your trouser front pockets

    In males and females, exposure to RF radiation from cellphone can cause infertility. RF radiation impacts sperm formation, sperm quality, estrous cycle, sperm motility and embryonic development. High RF exposure also causes pregnancy miscarriages.

  3. Do not carry the cellphone in your bra or shirt pocket

    Many of us carry a cellphone in our bra or shirt pocket. RF radiation from the phone increases the variability in heart rate. It also effects the nervous system. When we are placing the cellphone under the bra or shirt pocket, we are risking higher exposure to microwave radiation from cellphones to our heart and nervous system.

  4. Do not put any anti-radiation patch on your cellphone.

    Anti radiation patches are unscientific, unproven, baseless products. They do not reduce radiation from the cellphone. On the contrary, a radiation patch can alter the reception profile of the cellphone, by covering antenna spaces. This in turn, leads to higher radiation from the cellphones.

  5. Do not call or limit calls, when you are in low reception area.

    Cellphones radiate 10X-100X of their normal levels, when they are trying to latch on to the network, in low reception areas such as basements and lifts or in low network areas. Therefore using a cellphone in such a scenario causes high exposure to the head.

  6. Do not call or limit calls, when you are driving

    Your car is a metal structure. A metal structure traps radiation from escaping, or coming into it. Therefore, either there is higher ambient radiation inside the car, or the cellphone is emitting higher radiation. Using a phone in the car also increases the RF exposure levels of the co-passengers in the car.

  7. Do not keep WiFi or Hotspot mode in your phone

    Many of us forget switching off the WiFi and Hotspot mode in our smartphones post use. The new breed of phones automatically disable the hotspot mode if idle for a while. However, for practical safety, it is advised that you should switch of WiFi and hotspot, when not required.

7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation – things to do

It is possible to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation substantially. Distance is your best friend. RF radiation drops exponentially with distance. The other measure is to limit exposure times. Here are 7 hacks, which can be readily used to reduce RF exposure from cellphones.

  1. Limit calls in low network areas
  2. Use a hands-free headset for longer calls. 
  3. Using the text or speaker mode for most communication is helpful
  4. Use desk phones and ethernet connection for voice calls and data sessions.
  5. Switch off WiFi at night
  6. Always choose a phone with low SAR value
  7. Keep your cell phone at least 5 feet away from your head side when you are sleeping

To sum it up…

Cellphones and smartphones are the most intimate devices in all of mankind history. However, we must understand that these devices are accessories at best. Let us not treat them as obligations. The effect of radiation from cellphone and smartphones on our health is still being evaluated. Therefore, it is important to treat cellphone with care and caution.

These 7 tips to reduce your cellphone radiation can help reduce your radiation exposures by 50 to 80 percent. We trust you with your health. After all, its your choice.


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