Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work?

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Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work?

FThe answer is NO. There’s an entire industry in China around design and production of anti radiation mobile phone chips. These stick-ons cost a few Rupees but will sell for a few hundred Rupees. Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? Or are they just a hoax?


Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? There is no science behind anti radiation mobile phone chips.
Anti radiation mobile phone chips claim complete protection from mobile phone radiation. This however is the farthest away from the truth.

A radiation chip is usually a small foil of gold or silver. It is a few microns in thickness and is laminated to provide sturdiness and stability. It is stuck to the mobile phone by a layer of adhesive material. There are other variations to this configuration. It is claimed that fixing this product to the back cover of the mobile phone effectively reduces cell phone radiation by 90-99%! There are other forms of this product such as pendant, battery sticker etc.

As EMF radiation consultants, we have been approached multiple times by dubious vendors from China as well as some Indian companies to sell this product. However, this is a product we donot endorse at all. We refute its claim as EMF radiation absorber. There is indeed no science, reason and logic to these products. Indeed, these products serve to severely aggravate the cell phone or device radiation profile and are prone to cause more damage than the device itself.

Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? The answer is quite simply “NO”

The antenna architecture of cell phones vary from maker to maker. A Samsung architecture may be completely different from Apple of Xiaomi or other. Even within the same maker, the architecture may differ model to model. Antenna and PCB architecture is a complex science. Generally these are protected by a large number of patents. Antenna architecture may vary due to technology, phone size, network status, phone battery life, circuit miniaturization or feature addition and many other factors.

Therefore, fixing a metal strip without any consideration to the geometry, PCB layout, Antenna patterns will never help eliminate cell phone radiation. Fixing such stickers and chips could rather obstruct signal reception causing the phone to radiate in higher amounts.

Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? The FTC outlaws them

FTC stands for Federal Trade Commission. It is a Govt of USA agency that promotes and safeguards consumer interests. We here provide an excerpt of their press release on the dubious nature of anti radiation mobile chips. Readers are encouraged to read the release here.


There is no scientific evidence or theory that supports the claim that anti radiation mobile chips work.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states lack of absence of scientific evidence that anti-radiation mobile chips or stickers or shields actually work.

Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? There is no scientific basis

Radiation shielding can happen through the following three ways

  1. Increasing the distance between the source of radiation and the subject.
  2. Using an absorbent material to absorb the radiation. The scientific principle called “Faraday Cage” is involved in this case.
  3. Reflect the radiation away from the subject.

The anti radiation mobile phone chips are typically smaller in cross section compared to the phone. The size is around a tenth of the phone back cover. This does not allow for full application of principles 2 and 3 for shielding the radiation. Therefore, the claim falls flat.

Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? The makers fool people by using misleading videos

I chanced upon this video that shows how introducing an anti radiation mobile chip is able to control phone radiation. It is very tempting to almost believe this story and yet, as they say the devil is in the details.

The high readings that are shown in this video clip is a sleigh of hand with the phone close to the EMF meter. When the anti radiation mobile chip is brought in, they have pulled the phone some distance away from the EMF meter. So it is the distance not the anti radiation mobile phone chip that causes a drop in phone radiation levels, measured by the EMF meter.


If you are concerned about your cell phone radiation effecting your health, DONOT BUY these anti radiation mobile chips or stickers. They are quacks.

All you need to do is to increase the distance between your phone and yourself, or hold the phone at an arms length and talk through an earphone and use texting as against calling. Buy your self an earphone – even the cheapest earphone is 100 times more effective than these radiation chips and stickers.

If you are still concerned, buy an Airtube headset. Within all quality of earphones, this product provides maximum cell phone radiation protection.

Infographic: Three reasons why you should not be trusting a mobile phone anti radiation sticker to do the job for you.
Download and share this graphic. Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work?


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