Can Cellphone and WiFi radiation be a health risk during pregnancy?

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Is radiation from cellphone and WiFi a health risk during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most magical experience. It is the essence of creation. There is anticipation, anxiety, love and emotion for parents to be. Is Cellphone and WiFi radiation a health risk during pregnancy? Awareness and caution towards high radiation exposure is an important consideration. 


There are an estimated 4.68 billion mobile phones globally. Mobiles and other sources of radiations are all around us. An invisible network of RF and EMF radiation is all around us. Broadly speaking, RF radiation originates from telecommunication sources. Whereas, EMF radiation originates from electrical conductors carrying electricity. However, RF radiation from mobile phones, WiFis and base stations are classified by WHO/IARC as possibly carcinogenic to humans. While, there are studies that are ongoing to assess potential health effects of RF radiation from cell phones, precaution is prudent. Pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable phases of human life. Therefore, it is essential for parents to be to exercise caution with respect to high RF and EMF radiation exposure during pregnancy.

So what are the health risks from EMF radiation?

In current corporate set ups, pregnant ladies work all 9 months of their pregnancy terms. Therefore, radiation exposures from WiFi, Cell phones and other external sources happen through the 9 months of pregnancy. This exposes the developing fetus to sustained amount of RF and EMF radiation exposure. This is harmful for the development and growth of the baby.

A baby’s skull formation happens through the 1st trimester till a few months after birth. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s skeleton is comprised of rubbery cartilage and connective tissue. Bones don’t start to harden the 2nd trimester, at around week 16. Even at birth, the infant’s skull is not one solid bone but consists of bone plates. Theses are connected together by tough membranes. It is at this time, that the baby is the most vulnerable to EMF radiation.

The mother’s womb is able to filter out most of the external toxins from the baby. However, sustained RF and EMF radiation is able to penetrate the mother’s uterine tissue. Therefore, long hours spent by the mother, in high radiation environments at home and work, can impact initial brain development in the fetal stage. This may include long term effects such as Autism, growth retardation, malformations and impaired brain function. It can also lead to pregnancy termination or miscarriages.

Is Cellphone and WiFi radiation a health risk during pregnancy

There are a few studies that associate elevated risks of miscarriages due to over exposure to EMF radiation. ‘Kaiser Permanante’ did a study in Silicon valley, USA in 2017, investigating effects of RF and EMF on working mothers. It proved that mothers exposed to higher radiation are more prone to miscarriages. Pregnant ladies exposed to higher radiation in their pregnancy term have 2.7 times higher chances of miscarriage. This is when this group compared to women with lesser radiation exposure. There are multiple other studies that associate high risk of pregnancy miscarriages with high EMF radiation.

Hacks to reduce cellphone and EMF radiation exposure during pregnancy and early childhood

An increasing number of scientific papers recognize Cellphone and WIFi radiation a health risk during pregnancy.Here are a few hacks to reduce radiation exposure during pregnancy and early childhood.

  1. Switch of the WiFi at home when it is not in use.
  2. Use the desk phones as much as possible to make calls.
  3. Use wired internet in office for laptops.
  4. Do not use a laptop on your belly.
  5. Use a hands free for your phone.
  6. Do not make or take calls if the network is poor or you are experiencing call drops.
  7. Sleep with your phone at least 8-10 feet away from you.
  8. Do not keep a stabilizer or a power invertor in the bedroom of the pregnant lady.
  9. Evaluate ELF exposure from high tension power cables near your home.
  10. Get a radiation audit of your home done. This will help identify the risks and take mitigation steps.
  11. Do not use a metal cradle for neo-natals. This concentrates EMF exactly around the kid.


There are simple steps for creating EMF radiation – safe home.

  1. Evaluate exposures at home to assess levels of EMF/RF at home. This is critical because knowing the problem is key to solution design. Also, radiation is not tangible – hence an audit is the first step.
  2. Post audit, an appropriate solution strategy is put in place. We provide multiple solutions. Sometimes, a single solution is not adequate. Sometimes, solutions will not require you to buy anything – just re-arranging things help mitigate the risk.
  3. Do not rely on quacks or products that claim to “harmonise” radiation.
  4. Always check pre and post solution deployment results and affirm solution efficiency.

If you are pregnant or if you are thinking of getting pregnant, and you have questions about radiation exposure, please write to us.


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