7 key tips to reduce laptop radiation exposure

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7 key tips to reduce laptop radiation exposure

How many hours do you spend on your laptop everyday? Are you worried about laptop radiation? We list 7 key tips to reduce laptop radiation exposure. Spare us a minute if you are a laptop user.

Personal devices such as laptops and cellphones are sources of very high ELF radiation. Did you know that the underside of a laptop is source of very high ELF radiation? Most of this is absorbed by our body. As a matter of fact, Laptop is a wrong term. Laptops are not meant to be on your lap. FCC, USA advises that there should be at least 20 centimeters between the user and laptop (FCC 13-39, page no 3690).

Extent of computer radiation exposure

Most of the laptop users confuse ELF radiation from laptop to the heat emitted by the laptop. However, heat radiated by the laptop is Infra-red radiation. ELF is shorter form of Extreme low frequency radiation. This is mostly in the 100Hz frequency ranges.

We profiled multiple sources of ELF around us. A great deal of our exposures are due to close proximity to these sources. Here is how an average Dell or HP laptop ELF compares with other sources of reasonably high ELF/ EMF.


Risks from Laptop Radiation Exposure
Why radiation from laptops is more risky than most of the other sources of ELF radiation.

Effects of high exposure to Laptop radiation

150-200 million laptops are sold world over every year. Over 500 million people use laptops. There are over 20 million laptops sold in India per annum. The base of laptop users in India is 50 million. We use laptops for 4-8 hours daily.

High exposure to laptop radiation can lead to loss of fertility. Over 18 million couples are diagnosed with infertility every year, in India. Therefore, 1 in 5 Indian couples who are in their productive ages are infertile. Additionally, this number has grown at a decadal rate of 30% per year.

Ways to reduce laptop radiation exposure

We would advise you to avoid EMF Exposure from Laptops and Notebooks. Here are a few tips to cut down on exposure to computer radiation.


  • 7 key tips to reduce laptop radiation exposure
  • Do not use the laptop on your lap. This leads to high ELF radiation getting concentrated on the lower abdomen area.
  • Always try placing the laptop at least 20 centimeters from your body.
  • Refrain from placing the laptop on any part of your body when it is in use.Use a lap desk for increasing distance between the laptop and yourself.
    Placing the laptop on your lap concentrates harmful ELF radiation on the lower abdomen area. This is harmful for fertility.
    Did you know that there is a FCC advisory for a minimum distance of 20 cms between the laptop and the user?


  • Please do not use a fan cooler based laptop pad. The electric motor of the laptop pad, adds to the radiation from the underside of the laptop.
  • Many of us, use wooden stands while working on a laptop. However, wooden stands do not shield against ELF (laptop) radiation.

Distance is your best friend

Like always, the golden rule prevails for laptops as well. Therefore, the key hack is to add distance between yourself and the laptop. A lot of exposure risks and neutralized by adding distance. Therefore, it is critical not to keep the laptop on any part of the body while using it.

We are not against use of technology, but we advise that technology, wireless and electronics devices to be used with proper caution. Its our life, our health and who better to care for it, but us. Don’t you think so? So follow these tips to reduce laptop radiation exposure. It pays to be safe.


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