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We are Radiation experts

We are a small group of committed and passionate people with an intent to create an awareness for risks around EMF Radiation and provide solutions and suggestions to mitigate them. Our mission is to help people lead healthier lives free of EMF radiation.

Creating awareness

We are engaged in creating public awareness through social media informing people about various health impacts because of over exposure to electromagnetic radiation

End to end solutions

Celltower to appliance and electrical sources radiation, we cover the whole spectrum – the only firm in India catering to end to end EMF Radiation audits and solutions.

Assessment of life spaces

We collect information, starting with audit of your living spaces – your home / work premises to ascertain the health impact of radiation on you and your family.

Transparent and clear processes

We transparently involve you in your premise EMF Radiation audits keeping you informed about the risks to you, your family and your society.

Mitigating radiation risks

We provide state of art solutions which help in limiting outages and mitigating risks, which translates to a cleaner environment, fuller living and a sustainable future

Customer centric solutions

We provide relevant, best in class yet cost effective solutions using state of art devices auditing all forms of EMF radiation risks in your premises.

Our Team

Driven by a passion for clean technology and a sustainable future






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