Swiss Shield Naturell - EMF 5G protection fabric


5G radiation ready – Proven effectiveness against wide spectrum of 5G radiation

38dB (99.99%) shielding efficacy – As certified by Govt of India Accredited lab

Semi transparent Cotton fabric – Comes in 250 cm standard roll width

Very high performance characteristic

Can be used for as canopy fabric, curtain liners, special use cases requiring high attenuation.



Swiss Shield Naturell – EMF 5G protection fabric is a semi-transparent ecological cotton fabric for the shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). Typical application as curtain. Non-electrically conductive.

Highlights – Swiss Shield Naturell – EMF 5G protection fabric

  • Provides up to 99.99% shielding (38dB) from common sources of wireless radiation
  • Ecological cotton fabric without chemicals, certified to Öko-Tex 100 and 1000
  • Width: 250 cm, +/- 2 cm
  • Raw materials: 82 % cotton, 17 % copper, 1 % silver
  • High screening attenuation for a cotton fabric
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio
  • Textile characteristics: Washable, easy to iron and process
  • Dry cleaning recommended for best results

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