Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield - Gods of Cricket series

Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield – Gods of Cricket series

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Cricket is more than a sport – it is a religion. The Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield – Gods of Cricket series is dedicated to the gods of cricket. We feature exquisitely illustrated versions of the leading cricketers of the day in the Gods of Cricket series of Armor’ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield.

The Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield is a laptop radiation shield that eliminates all harmful Wi Fi and EMF radiation. It is a unique and pioneering EMF protection solution that provides ultimate safety while using laptops and netbooks. The Armoŕ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield Elite blocks the full spectrum of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation from 0-3 Ghz including Radio Frequency (RF) as well as harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) along with 100% heat emission reduction.


Upto 99.5% EMF shielding
Upto 90% RF shielding
100% heat emission reduction
Smooth, anti-slip thermal resistive
Splash proof
Easy to clean


The Armor’ “Gods of cricket” series is a celebration of the game and the stalwarts of the game. This unique commemorative serves as a great gift to your friends or office colleagues at office. So, if you are a cricket aficionado, come and celebrate the cricket fever. Hit all risks from Laptop radiation for a “six” by placing the Armor’ under the laptop – whether it is on your lap or on table.

The Armor’ laptop radiation and heat shield is designed from a enhanced core that is proven and certified to reduce laptop radiation by 92%-99.6%. Always remember to use a seat belt while driving, a helmet while biking and the Armor’ while using the laptop.

The underside of a Laptop is the source of high EMF radiation. Did you know that there is FCC (Federal communications commission, USA) advisory for minimum distance between a laptop and the user? Therefore, the FCC advisory limits the distance between the laptop and user to 20 cms/ 8 inches.

The Enviromental Protection Agency, USA recommends EMF exposure limit for humans from .5milliGauss to 2.5milliGauss. However, the EMF in the underside of the laptop is routinely 40mG to 100mG which is 16X-40X the EMF threshold limit for humans.

Using a laptop on your lap concentrates harmful EMF on your reproductive organs. 1 of 5 couples in India suffer from infertility (inability to conceive). Additionally, 27 million couples are diagnosed with infertility every year. An increase in temperature by 1 degree Celsius is associated with 14% depression in sperm formation – directly linked to fertility.

Source: International institute of population sciences, Mumbai 2010.

The underside of a laptop has extremely high levels of EMF. High exposure to EMF on the lower abdomen area increases the risk of Infertility. Armor’ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield absorbs and helps reduce the impact of EMF up to 99.5%. See Video.

All laptops communicate with network routers through WiFi – a form of radio frequency (RF) radiation. Armor’ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield blocks up to 90% unwanted RF/ WiFi radiation passing through to the body.

Long hours of use causes heating of the laptop underside. Armor’ Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield is heat resistant up to 60 degrees – and therefore gives you relaxed and cool comfort.

Your game. Your hero.

Choose between the greats of contemporary Indian cricket – even as these stalwarts travel to tame and vanquish the competition and bring the coveted prize home.

Wear your blue.

The blue is more than a colour. It is a passion. And, these Heroes of Cricket fuel this passion.

One. Two. Many.

Create your own cricket series by collecting these 5 unique cricket themed – Gods of cricket Armor’ laptop shields. Because, passion is never enough.

Eat cricket. Sleep cricket. Use Armor’

Choose between world’s best batsman, world’s greatest finisher, world’s best bowler and world’s best opener. And we also spiced it with a dash of Gabbar.

Cricket is a religion. Show your badges.

Play it cool. Sizzle it up. Build your own cricket story. The masters are yours for the taking.

Are you sharing your passion yet?

2 is company. 3 is crowd. 5 is a riot. Bring it on. Get them all for you and your clique. Touche’.

Demo of 99.5% Laptop Radiation shielding

Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 42 × 32 × .6 cm

Gabbar, World’s best batsman, World’s best bowler, World’s best opener, World’s greatest finisher


Large for 15.6″ Laptops, Medium for 14″ Laptops

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