Here’s what you should know about dual SIM mobile phone radiation

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Are you carrying a dual SIM mobile phone? If yes, you should be aware of the following facts about dual SIM mobile phone radiation.


4 out of every 5  Android phones sold in India are dual SIM phones. Dual SIM mobile phones are not just convenient, but also cost effective. As a user, i am also contemplating using a 4G data connection from Reliance over and above my Airtel connection on my Xiaomi. However, this dual SIM phone usage leads to a situation of high phone radiation.

A mobile phone is a combination of a transmitter and receiver. The maximum power output from a mobile could easily be in 3 Watts range. Placing such a high power source near the head side can lead to a very high amount of power being absorbed by the brain. The ill-effects of microwave radiation from mobile phone includes fatigue, insomnia and even brain tumor.

The science behind dual SIM mobile phone radiation

1. Every cell phone gives out radio frequency radiation even in its idle stage, as it tries to reach out to the signals from the neighboring cell towers.
2. In a dual SIM phone, this EMF Radiation doubles since two independent radio circuits in your phone are actively trying to reach out to cell tower signals.
3. Even when using only 1 SIM on a dual SIM phone, the blank SIM is still communicating with nearby towers. This forms the basis of emergency calls for police or paramedics. (In case the mobile does not get a signal or the phone does not unlock.)
4. Theoretically, therefore a dual SIM phone radiates 2X more than a single SIM device. In practice, because of optimization of phone components and architecture, the device radiates 40-80% higher than a single SIM device.
5. Dual SIM phones drain batteries faster. The battery is used to power two circuits simultaneously. This leads to increased and faster power drainage.
6. A dual SIM phone can routinely exceed the threshold limits of radiation if used in low signal areas i.e rural areas, lifts and cars, basements etc.

The info-graphic here collates some critical points and factors about dual SIM mobile phone radiation – and we have included a section on hacks – to reduce high exposure to mobile phone radiation from dual SIM phones.
What you should know about Dual SIM phones & Radiation
Dual SIM phones are convenient. But they also lead to higher radiation compared to their single SIM counterparts.

But all phones are SAR compliant, right?

One key criteria that becomes an absolute must before purchasing a phone (and more so a dual SIM device) is it SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR Value is an internationally mandated compliance standard. This is applied to all mobile phone makers world over. It indicates the degree of radiation that the phone is emitting when applied to your head side (as against a standard of 1.6W/Kg SAR threshold). You can check the SAR value of your phone by dialing *#07#. (Try this on your phone now).

However, the problem with SAR value is that mobile phone makers self certify themselves. Xiaomi for instance, certifies its phones at 25mm (2.5cm) distance. This is much further than the actual usage scenarios. We use phones much closer to ourselves than 2.5cm at which SAR values are provided.

As a rule, the SAR value of dual SIM mobile phone is always higher than its single SIM counterpart. Please be sure to purchase dual SIM phones with a SAR value closer to or lesser than .6W/Kg.


Dual SIM mobile phones have come a long way from being the buggy, battery draining, slow processing, cheap chinese devices they one were. It provides enhanced portability, cost compatibility and convenience which make them a value purchase. It also does our environment some degree of good, because we do not have to invest in dual hardware. However, there is a degree of care that we need to associate with dual SIM mobile phones.

We hope to have impressed our points on you. Do please write to us, drop a comment. Let us know what you think of it. Your communication is important to us.


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