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Brightsandz Clean Tech Pvt Ltd was part of the 1st 5G trial in India. We did the premise shielding for the AIRTEL – HUAWEI 5G trials in March 2018 in AIRTEL NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT LABORATORY located in MANESAR, GURUGRAM, DELHI NCR, INDIA. This was done to reduce ambient 5G radiation levels in the premise because of the different experiments. Close range exposure to high power 5G radiation had raised concerns about employee health and safety in the laboratory. Our Carburised mesh based solutions was instrumental in effecting very good drops in the ambient levels of 5G.  

5G radiation shielding

Over the last few years, we have been able to create a bouquet of 5G shielding products from the best OEMs world over. All our products are 5G ready – i.e they will work across a very wide band of frequencies (700MHz-3300 MHz) and 26GHz. We provide

  1. 5G radiation protection Carbon Mesh
  2. 5G radiation protection Fabrics
  3. 5G radiation protection Window films
  4. 5G radiation protection Wall paints

5G radiation audits

Sanctity of all EMF radiation audits are determined by the Device fitness (Calibration/ certification), Auditor qualification and Process rigour. In India, there are only a few field strength measurement devices which can measure across 700MHz to 3300MHz 5G radiation frequencies. We provide you 

  1. Calibrated devices for accurate measurement
  2. Accreditation test and certification from Govt of India certified labs
  3. Standardized audit procedure as provided by ITU K.83 release (6/2020)
  4. Auditors certification there of
  5. Globally certified shielding products. Sanctity of 
Power line immunity audits
Power line immunity audits
Power line immunity audits

With over 2.8 million square feet shielding experience, 150 large scale projects under the belt and over 3000 satisfied customers, Brightsandz Clean Tech Pvt Ltd is the most versatile audit company in India. Our esteemed clients include some of the biggest industry names (scroll to read the client list). 


5G as a technology that is here to stay. It is an enabler of economy and livelihoods. It will be difficult to do away with EMF/5G radiation. It is therefore advisable that if you have any lingering doubts get an audit of your premise done.  Better to lay your doubts to rest than to carry them over in your mind!


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