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Brightsandz - RF and ELF audits

Full spectrum EMF audits

Brightsandz provides full spectrum audits which includes AC electric and magnetic field audits (ELF) and RF audits across the widest spectrum range (27MHz - 6GHz). We follow globally standardized audit procedures, use certified and calibrated devices and our audits are run by qualified personnel with hardcore EMF audit and shielding experience.
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Worst case scenario simulation

The applications of GANs is rising and so is the risk of misinformation spread through their use. In this day and age when fake content is so prevalent, GANs pose a significant challenge to the efforts already underway to combat misinformation. This X does not exist is a website which compiles a list of popular GANs. Most…
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Shielding magnetic interference in data centres

One of the most important factors affecting the performance of a data centre is the Electro magnetic field (EMF) or Electro magnetic compatibility (EMC) as defined by the International Electrotechnical code (IEC). Brightsandz Data centre ELF audits help understand and recognise Data centre EMF levels and the EMI risks (worst case scenarios) that could present…
RFID isolation solutions by Brightsandz

RFID isolation solutions

Brightsandz RFID shielding solutions are highly effective at restricting RFID transmission, cross-talk and back-scatter, helping retailers isolate store sections from systemic errors. Our RFID solutions allows retailers to maximize the effectiveness of ERP, inventory, and warehousing management by preventing RFID transmission from penetrating the walls and doors. It also saves on time and automation of…
Brightsandz - 5G radiation protection - shielding the Airtel Huawei 5G trials at Airtel Development Centre Gurgaon

5G audits and shielding solutions

Brightsandz provide's radiation audits across all the frequency bands where 5G technology has been rolled out. You can also check our 5G solution section in the shop page, which has been ear marked for 5G radiation protection solutions which are certified and which have been effective for various 5G shielding projects.
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Power line immunity audits

There are high residual Electric and Magnetic fields near high electrical load conductors such as high tension power lines, switchyards, transformers, urban feeder lines etc. High Electric and Magnetic vectors are associated with interference with electronic, data and computing infrastructure and systems. Brightsandz power line immunity audits help identify these risks and take precautionary measures…
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