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99.5% Laptop Radiation Shielding?? Its the Armor’!

Armor’ Laptop EMF radiation and heat shield: The video test.

Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work?

FThe answer is NO. There’s an entire industry in China around design and production of anti radiation mobile phone chips. These stick-ons cost a few Rupees but will sell for a few hundred Rupees. Do anti radiation mobile phone chips work? Or are they just a hoax?

EMF Radiation and Miscarriage risks: Fact or Fiction?

The effect of EMF Radiation from power electricity sources and wireless telecommunication has been contested for a while. Mothers to be and children less than 10 years age are critically susceptible to ill effects of EMF radiation. The

Health risks and hazards of 5G radiation

Health risks and hazards of 5G radiation: Decoding the deconstructing the bogey around 5G radiation. 

Armor’ Laptop Radiation Shield : Avoiding EMF exposure from laptops

Armor Laptop Radiation Shield brought to you by Brightsandz Clean Tech Pvt. Ltd , absorbs and shields 92 % EMF , 90% WiFi radiation and 100% heat emitted from laptops.

Digital Addiction – The New Age Epidemic

“Treat the cellphone you carry on you as a tool, not as an obligation.” – Kanye West
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